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Who are we

Crystal Services Inc. was formed in 1986. The company began as a demolition business and has evolved to provide specialized moving, hoisting and rigging services. Customers began to recognize our commitment to service and our innovative methods allowing us to build a reputation of quality service.

Crystal Services does not shy away from difficult jobs. In fact, difficult jobs are our specialty!

Our team has the experience to get the job done right along with the professionalism to keep you coming back.

Over the years Crystal Services has been fortunate to be included in a variety of interesting and challenging jobs, including moving the ¼ scaled space shuttle and the life size bronze horses’ sculpture into place at the Calgary International Airport

We have operated across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver.

We have constantly expanded both our equipment and our areas of expertise over the years, all while improving our commitment to safety. Crystal Services achieved our COR certification in 2012. Crystal Services received an overall rating of 92% on their last COR Safety Audit completed by an outside auditor.

As we continue to support our loyal customer base, we also offer new customers the same professional, reliable, safe and competitive service.